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Josh Mills & Co-host Jason Klamm bring together a wide variety of adult children of celebrities for a fun, funny, bizarre, jaw-dropping, strange and wonderful look behind celebrity by the people that know them best: their very own children.

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Episode 7: Adam Shawn

Today we will be speaking to Adam Shawn, son of the great actor, comedian and monologist Dick Shawn. It’s strange that Adam and our co-host Josh Mills only met once prior to the taping of this...

Episode 6: Shawn Kay

Today Rarified Heir is speaking to Shawn Kay, daughter of John Kay, founder of the iconic classic rock band Steppenwolf. Classic rock anthems like “Born to be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride” pushed the...

Episode 4: Jason Culp

Today, it’s dueling Jason’s on the Rarified Heir podcast. We are speaking to Jason Culp, son of actor, director and writer Robert Culp. And shockingly, Jason and Josh did NOT go to school together...

Episode 3: Carnie Wilson

Today we are speaking to Carnie Wilson. Most likely you know Carnie from her multi-million selling group Wilson Phillips. But Josh met Carnie years ago, in 2nd grade when The Beach Boys were THE...

Rarified Heir

Hosted by:  Joshua Mills
Co-Hosted by: Jason Klamm
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