If you enjoy the podcast and stories of the Hollywood of yesteryear, here’s some more resources you may be interested in!

Ernie & Edie

Official Online Store for Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams merch.

Martin Mills Photography

Exclusive prints for sale from candid celebrity photographer and Edie Adams’ husband, Martin Mills.

Comedy on Vinyl Podcast

Comedy on Vinyl is a podcast created by writer/actor Jason Klamm in which he discusses influential and important comedy albums with the week’s guests.

Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour

Sketching comedy since 1993. Podding casts since 2014. Blowing your mind since now.

Dispatches from Fort Awesome

Dispatches from Fort Awesome is a podcast about the greatest sitcom of the 90s – News Radio. Hosted by Jason Klamm, Allen Rueckert and Jen (who lives on the ether), the show is an episode-by-episode breakdown, and occasionally just a rambling, wild discussion, of our absolute favorite sitcom of all time.

The Professional Blur

The Professional Blur: My Life in the Background, is a chance for host Jason Klamm to interview friends and collaborators about their own work as or with background actors.

Rarified Heir

Hosted by:  Joshua Mills
Produced & Engineered by: Jamie Harley