Episode 8: Morgan Margolis

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Today we are speaking to Morgan Margolis, CEO of Knitting Factory Entertainment and the son of actor Mark Margolis and Jacqueline Margolis. Likely you will know Mark Margolis from his breakout role Salamanca from the television show Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as well as HBO’s Oz as well as the iconic films Scarface, The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan.

Josh met Morgan six years ago when their children were in elementary school together. They both work in the music industry and realized they both had celebrity parents. Morgan and Josh also bonded over New York in the 1970s. While Josh grew up in Los Angeles, he spent my summers in Long Island not far from where his family roots were and while not a city kid, they had shared experiences from Long Island to Manhattan growing up when the Yankees won back to back World Series and the Summer of Sam.

As you will hear, one of the unique things about the Margolis family is that they were an acting family. Both Morgan’s parents were theater trained but unlike most celebrity stories, success came to Mark later in life. Always a working actor, Mark Margolis at age 80 is now recognized on the street by paparazzi while 10 years ago, he was just a regular working actor. In a minute you’ll hear Morgan’s personal story about growing up on the Lower East Side, his own acting career challenges following in his father’s footsteps, the infamous crew he ran with in high school, how football played a role in his life and how his early years watching his parents perform experimental productions on college campuses, travelling from stage to stage in a VW van as a toddler.

So what was it like growing up Margolis? Find out next on Rarified Heir.

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