Episode 14: Chris Lemmon

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Today on the Podcast, we are talking to someone Josh has known his whole life, actor Chris Lemmon, son of actress Cynthia Stone and the incomparable Jack Lemmon. Jack and host Josh Mills’  mom starred together in two films, The Apartment & Under The Yum Yum Tree, Jack and Ernie Kovacs starred in four movies together which cemented a great family friendship beginning in the 1950s. So what was it like growing up the son of one of the greatest actors this country has ever produced? Not as easy but also not as hard as you’d think. We talk to Chris tribute show to his dad, A Twist of Lemmon, his memories of hanging out with Blake Edwards & Walter Matthau, helping to launch the Fox Network with his show Duets in the late 80s, his recent double lung transplant – yikes –  and starring with Josh’s mom Edie Adams in the classic film, The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood. I ask you, is there any other film title that screams Rarified Heir than that? It’s a Zoom induced love fest / cry fest with a little hammering thrown in, next on the Rarified Heir Podcast.

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