Episode 21: Michael Weintraub

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast we are talking to Michael Weintraub, son of legendary manager, agent, producer and promoter Jerry Weintraub and his stepmother, singer/performer Jane Morgan. Michael has a million stories about being around show business and tells us some previously unheard stores from The King to the Chairman of the Board. Stories like Bob Dylan’s ridiculously long nails, watching Ringo Starr & George Harrison eat breakfast cereal for dinner, riding in a car with John Denver after the Newport Folk Festival and hearing “Country Road” on the radio for the first time and much more. Did we mention the time former President George Herbert Walker Bush threatened to burn down a country club if they didn’t reverse their “No Jews Allowed” policy in 1965? Or how Jane Morgan became the most booked female singer on The Ed Sullivan Show? Or how about the time Jerry got the final cut on Robert Altman’s classic film, Nashville? We talked about so much and still we didn’t even get to the time he traveled to Australia with Robby Benson, Susan St. James and Debby Boone. It’s stories galore on the next Rarified Heir Podcast.

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