Bonus Episode: Ben Model & Josh Mills on the passing of Gilbert Gottfried

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Today we bring you a first on the Rarified Heir Podcast, a bonus episode in tribute to Gilbert Gottfried and the Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast. Our guest today is not a child of a celebrity but Ben Model is the archivist to the Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams archive which is run by our host Josh Mills. In 2019, Ben and Josh were guests on the Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast to celebrate the Centennial of Ernie Kovacs.

Truly shocked and saddened by Gilbert’s passing last week, Ben and Josh wanted to share some stories about how terrific their time was on the Gilbert Gottfried Amazing Colossal Podcast and how warm, funny and truly insane Gilbert and co-host Frank Santopadre were n he best possible ways. Clearly not celebrities, Frank took a chance on having Ben and Josh on as guests because he knew Kovacs was an important comedy figure and perhaps they should take a chance to talk about Kovacs to listeners who maybe knew about him but perhaps not enough. Somehow by taking that chance, the episode in question became an odd mix of silent film accompaniment, risqué stories about Josh’s mom that Gilbert loved and by both accounts, a moment that happens all too rare in life – a genuine connection.

Basically, this bonus episode is a tribute to Gilbert Gottfried and also a huge thank you to Frank Santopadre & unofficial podcast booker Gino Salamone for taking a chance on two nobodies who just thought it would be a fun idea. We miss you Gilbert. We are sorry there wont be a second chance to connect but we know you are cursing out Walter Brennan in heaven and that makes us smile. We’ll miss you Gil.

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