Episode 3: Carnie Wilson

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Today we are speaking to Carnie Wilson. Most likely you know Carnie from her multi-million selling group Wilson Phillips. But Josh met Carnie years ago, in 2nd grade when The Beach Boys were THE BEACH BOYS.  He’s known Carnie essentially all of his life, having gone to elementary school and junior high school with her in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles in the 1970s and 80s.

It might be the only podcast you’ll hear truly intimate and funny stories about her famous father Brian Wilson, her famous mother Marilyn Wilson of the woefully underappreciated group The Honey’s as well as dieting, the wildness and the magic of Dennis Wilson, the time Elton John came over to the house to buy Brian Wilson’s piano, the Godhead that was Shaun Cassidy, really bad body odor, Grampa Einstein, the MTV Movie Awards, the smoking section at school, Dr. Eugene Landy’s token system and how her relationship with food, led her to start a confectionary business called Love Bites. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but mostly laugh.

So sit back, soak in those good vibrations and listen to Carnie Wilson on Rarified Heir. And no you don’t have to hold on for one more day. Just roll it….

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  • This is the first – but definitely not the last – of your podcasts that I listened too and I thought it was great! I’ve always liked how “real” Carnie is, but hearing both your stories growing up as children of celebrities really brings home that we all have similar challenges growing up, regardless of whether our parents are famous or not. I also love both your and Carnie’s very candid stories which definitely made me smile 🙂

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