Episode 4: Jason Culp

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Today, it’s dueling Jason’s on the Rarified Heir podcast. We are speaking to Jason Culp, son of actor, director and writer Robert Culp. And shockingly, Jason and Josh did NOT go to school together but did attend the same high school years apart. It’s a theme we can’t get away from and it’s really, it’s the impetus for this podcast.

We spoke about many things and one or two we don’t. But what we do get into is growing up Culp. We speak about I, Spy of course, the magic of Big Little Books, having Sammy Davis Jr. dub Robert’s singing voice, being alone in George Burns office, Sam Peckinpah, the comedy of Paul Mazursky and making “Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice”, the civil rights movement, Josh’s new title for “The Long Goodbye”, the disappointment of Robert’s directorial debut “Hickey and Boggs”, Robert’s passion for writing scripts, Jason having 4 step mothers, a heart to heart with dad near the end of his life, Jason’s own acting, cabaret career and voiceover career, the Cinemobile and the genius that is Anthony Newley’s “Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?” and much more.

We finally were able to Trackdown the Greatest American Hero and find out if Mrs. Columbo really wore a trench coat this Sunday in New York….on Rarified Heir.

Available now on Audible, Garner Simmons’ biography, Peckinpah:  A Portrait in Montage read by JasonCulp.

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  • Another entertaining and informative interview about an actor that I immediately recognize from TV and movies, but knew little about. I really enjoy how well your discussions with your guests flow so naturally. Good job on this episode and I’ll be looking forward to a lot more in the future.

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