Episode 23: James Coburn

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This week on the Rarified Heir Podcast we are talking to James Coburn, son of, you guessed it, James Coburn. It’s a wild ride on the podcast with topics ranging from Bruce Lee, The Muppets, Sam Peckinpah, the Z Channel, a 4 year trip to Africa, a Coburn biography based on his own words and much much more. It’s a deep dive into the Beverly Hills enclave of Tower Road with neighbors Jack Lemmon and Donald Sutherland, of being paid 1,0000 pesos a-day as an extra on Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid in Mexico,  of drives on Mulholland Drive in his father’s Ferrari Spyder which sold In 2008 for almost $11 million dollars, of iced milk in Jamaica on location with Our Man Flint and ultimately a career as a Professional Sound Mixer at the New York Film Academy. It’s all next on the Rarified Heir Podcast in THX Spatial Audio, coming up next.

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