Episode 24: Quincy Coleman

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This week’s guest on the Rarified Heir Podcast is Quincy Coleman, daughter of actor Dabney Coleman and actress Jean Hale. While we can’t give away too much away here, it’s connection city on the podcast with Josh and Quincy as well as their acting mothers. Shhh, no spoilers! We also discuss important subjects like Dabney Coleman’s favorite Mexican Restaurant, his career in Television on shows like Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Buffalo Bill & The Slap Maxwell Story, to mother Jean’s run-in at a photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe, the Franklin Hart persona her father cultivated as one of the funniest bad guys in films like 9 to 5, North Dallas Forty, Tootsie and Wargames. We also talk to Quincy about her music career  and her current project H-OM-E.ORG, a non-profit that has its roots in a stage 4 cancer diagnosis 11 years ago and runs all the way through climate change, systemic racism and global unity. It’s a call to action and it begins with this episode of the Rarified Heir Podcast. 

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