Episode 25: Ethan Lawrence

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast we are talking to screenwriter Ethan Lawrence, son of one of the most prolific writers in Television history, Anthony Lawrence. It’s not everyone who can play poker with Rod Serling and Harlan Ellison, contract as a day player in Audie Murphy Westerns, do karate with The King, Elvis Presley on the set of Roustabout or pen one of the most beloved scripts in the TV show Bonanza’s 23 year run, the Christmas epic entitled “Gabrielle”. Writing for film and TV seems to be all around Ethan. An accomplished screenwriter himself on shows like Eureka and The Pretender, both his mother Nancy Lawrence (who teamed up with her husband Anthony for the cult series The Phoenix and The Sixth Sense) and his wife Dee Harris-Lawrence who is currently a show runner for not one, but two current series All Rise and David Makes Man went into writing for television. So sit back, relax and hear Ethan wax poetic about his days with John Carpenter, Kurt Russell and Shelly Winters on the set of the Dick Clark produced  Elvis biopic, getting a red belt in karate from Chuck Norris and smoking his first joint ever w/ Judson Scott while looking for the amulet. Wait what? This is the Rarified Heir Podcast. 

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