Episode 27: Elmo Kirkwood

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast, we speak with Elmo Kirkwood, son of Curt Kirkwood from one the greatest cult bands of all-time, The Meat Puppets. Our conversation with Elmo is as anarchic as any of the bands albums as we touch on everything from punk rock, the Shut Up, Little Man tapes, the glory of fanzines, the term ‘College rock’, iconic record label SST, that infamous Nirvana Unplugged session on MTV everyone knows about and the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame where the original band reunited for the first time in more than twenty years in 2017. Speaking to us from his home in Tempe, Elmo tells us about touring with his dad and uncle, Curt Kirkwood mid-nineties side projects the Royal Neanderthal Orchestra, Eyes Adrift and Volcano, his own recorded output and philosophy about how to release music on Bandcamp in 2021 and the power of the power trio. As fIREHOSE once said, we’re  “Under The Influence of Meat Puppets” on the Rarified Heir Podcast. Take that Huskers!

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