Episode 54: Janna Taninbaum & Michael Ritz (Harry Ritz) Part II

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Well look at this. A true two-part episode of our conversation with the children of comedian/dancer Harry Ritz of The Ritz Brothers, Janna Taninbaum and Michael Ritz. And we really have to thank them. True troopers, they dealt with some major technical issues on our end and the occasional Zoom lag for a second sit down, two days after our original conversation. Lots to unpack here – from anti-Semitism faced by Harry to out of this world gambling stories to the Catskills to what made the funniest of them all, laugh.  So set your internal clocks back a decade or two, sit back and listen to Janna and Michael wax philosophical about race horses owned by Betty Grable, the previously unknown Tupelo Brothers, life in Las Vegas in the seventies and some racy behavior from Don Rickles and a telescope & Betty Grable’s aversion to toilet seats. Ahem! If names like Jan Murray, Tyrone Power and Erroll Flynn thrill you, take a listen, to this episode of the Rarified Heir Podcast.  

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