Episode 55: Rain Pryor (Richard Pryor)

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast, we are talking to Rain Pryor, daughter of legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Like many of our episodes, this one covers a lot of ground and thankfully, Rain was not only game for all of it but she was thoughtful, funny and eloquent talking about a myriad of subjects. We touch upon everything from her years growing up in a household where words like Motherfucker were used as exclamation points, her favorite films of her father’s career, her own career as a performer, stand-up comedian, author, activist, producer and speaker and her astronomer mother. Wait what? Yes, it’s true. She also is a mother and a cancer survivor. It’s a deep and deeply funny conversation with Rain because we can touch on everything from how she not only tried sushi for the first time with comedian Danny Kaye (and that that he actually made it for her) but also her stint running for Baltimore City Council. Like her one woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkas, about her black and Jewish roots, Rain is a dichotomy of two worlds. The thinker who gets certified from Cornell as well as the choice to follow her dad’s advice and do stand-up. It’s a great conversation where serious subjects lead to lighter moments (or vice versa) and odd coincidences like how she has been Josh’s house and he never knew it. We’ve wanted to talk to her for so long and it’s finally here. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you, the awesome Rain Pryor.

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