Episode 57: Dinah Manoff (Lee Grant)

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast we are talking to actress and writer Dinah Manoff, who you know from her film roles in Grease, Child’s Play and Ordinary People as well as on television in series’ like Empty Nest, Soap and State of Grace. She’s a Tony award winning stage actress who created the role of Libby in Neil Simon’s I Ought To Be In Pictures on Broadway and went on to star in the film with Walter Matthau and Ann-Margret. It’s only fitting that the daughter of Oscar and Emmy Award winning actress and director Lee Grant and writer Arnold Manoff would one day write her very first novel, The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold, which is out now. While not her story exactly, The Real Life Story of Jackie Gold is about celebrity, Hollywood, paparazzi, the business of celebrity and seeks to answer the question: did Jackie Gold  jump or was she pushed? It’s the story of a white hot actress who recounts her life in flashbacks from her hospital bed after a tragic accident which is both funny and ripped from today’s headlines.  We talk to Dinah about a wide range of other topics including the blacklist, Neil Simon, Marie Osmond, Peyton Place, growing up in the Malibu Colony, Richard Mulligan, Tony Curtis, her mother’s Oscar winning documentary Down and Out in America, The Neighborhood Playhouse, Victor Buono, Cal Arts, soft core porn made at her home and so much more. It was a real thrill talking to the woman behind Marty Maraschino (like the cherry) who was funny, open and ready to talk. It’s coming up next on the Rarified Heir Podcast.

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