Episode 59: Jason Culp (Robert Culp)

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast encore episode, we are talking to Jason Culp, son of actor, writer and director Robert Culp. TV fans of the 1960s will remember Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson on the groundbreaking television show I Spy, co-starring with comedian/actor Bill Cosby which was the first American television show to feature a black actor as a lead character. TV fans of the 1950s will remember him as Ranger Hoby Gilman in the western series Trackdown and fans of 80s will remember him as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell in the hit series The Greatest American Hero. Culp starred in hundreds of film and television roles but as Jason tells us on this episode, his real love was writing and directing. Culp did both and we hear not only about his directorial debut on the film Hickey & Boggs but about a never-before-released documentary on civil rights which we hope gets to be seen one day soon. We discuss a lot in this episode from Sammy Davis Jr. & Anthony Newley to Paul Mazursky & Sam Peckinpah. One of our earliest recordings, again pre-pandemic, this is another encore episode of the Rarified Heir Podcast with Jason Culp.

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