Episode 80 : Jessica Pinfield (Matt Pinfield)

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Today on the Rarified Heir Podcast we are talking to actress Jessica Pinfield, daughter of VJ, DJ, personality & record executive Matt Pinfield. When we booked Jessica for this episode, we had lots of questions that may have seemed superfluous. What we got was anything but.

Jessica was incredibly open and honest about her father, her mother and her family in ways we simply did not anticipate. What we thought might be an interview about what it was like hosting MTV’s 120 Minutes or USA Network’s Farmclub.com became a much deeper dive into addiction, parenting, therapy, Covid and even murder. Jessica spoke her truth about things we rarely talk about in person, let alone a podcast. Yes we talk about what it was like hanging out with dad when he was trading in records at the Princeton Record Exchange and answering phones at WHTG in New Jersey as well as hearing her story about growing up in a household not feeling love from either parent.

Thankfully, a lot of growth has taken place over the years and dad and daughter are living together now, mending fences and connecting in ways it would be hard to imagine they could even a few short years ago. So if you think this episode is about the ‘wild and wacky days of MTV’s golden years’ this isn’t the podcast for you. It’s a brutally honest episode that frankly, we didn’t see coming. It’s next, on the Rarified Heir Podcast. Everyone has a story.

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